Tuesday, 1 December 2009

JedWatch - you guuuuuys.

Jedward have graced the pages of Heat this week, and golly didn't they look snazzy?
The twins mostly chatted to Heats Lucy Cave about girls but didn't exclude those hot topics; their hair, and 'being deep'.
They believe girls think life is like The Notebook or Laguna Beach, this may be true, but I feel the real point of interest here is the fact that they even know what the hell Laguna Beach is. I take my nonexistent hat off to you, you are boys in a million.
They confessed that they do not enjoy 'clingy' girls. Also on their list of requirements are: does her own thing, is cool, sensitive, humble, knows who she is. So girls, we need to become aloof, always sober and without any trace of mental illness (reference to 'knows who she is'), date them but never need to date them (and when I say 'them' I mean one or other you sick people) and be completely out of their league (no offence Jed). I'll get right on it.

In a feature called 'WHO'S DEEPER, JOHN OR EDWARD?' the twins came up with some comments that can only be described as HIL-FLIPPIN'-ARIOUS.
When asked 'What keeps you awake at night' John replied: 'Sometimes I have an uncomfortable pillow and I think, 'Oh my God.'. Yes John, an uncomfortable pillow is definately an Oh my God moment.
Edward really took the bacon though with his description of 'love' being when two people 'like a really cool dog'. I agree. What I look for in a man is a similar taste in the Canine family.

Now, I don't have the new edition of Grazia magazine (that, I'm sure, will be remedied tomorrow), but there is a feature on Jedward 'LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE'.
Are you feeling the excitement?
Heres a sneek peak.


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