Thursday, 3 December 2009

My wish is their command!

You may remember last week I posted a feature about this years winners song. It was rumoured to be Journey's Don't Stop Believin', but it has since been confirmed that this years winners single will, in fact, be Miley Cyrus'/Hannah Montana's/Who-Gives-A-Shit's The Climb.
My preferred choice I must admit. I realise this is a little shameful but I believe the X Factor christmas number one just wouldn't be quite right without that necessary element of cheese.
However, having said that, if Joe turns out to be the winner (which worryingly seems to be becoming more and more likely) it will be disasterous. One of those songs that is endurable with only the aid of a couple ibuprofen to help the pain go away for the first 2 times you hear it on Captital. Once we are on to the third day, however, and have heard it a grand total of 14738 times we may need something stronger. Does E-bay sell shot guns? Because the will to live has just evaporated.

Jacko week this Saturday! And Janet Jackson performing on Sunday. Good to see she is still reaping the full benefits of her brothers death.
My excitement has expectedly decreased since the depature of Jedward, and now I don't even have anyone who gives me an acceptable excuse to be horrible (ahem Lloyd).
But never fear, I'm sure, come Saturday, I will have thought of copious reasons not to like everybody.
Jacko week is a good theme, however, am I right in thinking we should be expecting something along the lines of Earth Song for Joe...?! With a lovely warble and twist of the head to finish off with a high note.Cannot bloody wait.
One thing I can't wait for: crotch grabbing is A GO for Olly *regains composure*.

I will leave you now with a funny video. Everyone loves the voice-over man. I genuinely feel the only fair outcome this year would be for him to TALK the winners song and be crowned 'King of the Jungle'.

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